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July 27, 2016. | Santa Fe, NM

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New Children’s Adventure Series Helps Kids Learn about Geography and Zoology

Anna Hagele, Author of the Where’s Eli Moore? series is hoping to help school age children become excited about geography and zoology.  In this first book of the series, entitled Where’s Eli Moore?  Discovering the Legend of the Amazon, Eli travels through the Amazon with his dad and his dog, Kara, sketching in his field journal along the way.  Throughout the book, kids will be able to peek over Eli’s shoulder and learn about rare animals of the Amazon as well as be able to find his location on a map of Peru.

Every book in the series will include a new location for kids to learn about as well as the animals found in each new adventure.  They can track Eli’s movements on maps and also learn about keeping a field journal.

Readers of the Where’s Eli Moore? series have expressed great enthusiasm for the adventurous quality and educational value of the books.

“Anna Hagele’s debut work Where’s Eli Moore will bring out the adventurer in readers young and old!  Fun with an educational twist this story was engaging and thought provoking, perfect for inquisitive minds…With a distinctive and strong writing style Ms. Hagele’s tale will appeal to a wide audience and adds a bright new voice to Children’s Fiction!”  – Jennifer Hayes, Jenerated Reviews

“…Eli’s illustrated journal entries add intriguing details that will keep readers engaged. This is a perfect choice for fans of the Magic Tree House series. Expect kids to anxiously await the next installment in this exciting new series.”  –  Jessica Young, Youth Services Department, Johnston Public Library

Anna Hagele is an avid hiker, writer and adventurist who is fascinated with the idea of providing her own four children, as well as others, with the opportunity to see the world in broader terms.  She encourages kids to ask questions about the wide world and to engage in it with adventurer spirits.  She hopes to help kids and adults think again about the geography of their world and of their own lives.  Read more at



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